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What Kind of Massage Do I Need?
Read the descriptions below to get a sense of what we offer and which type of massage speaks to you.  When you schedule your appointment and when you come in for your session, your therapist will discuss your specific needs and make recommendations based on your goals.


Stress is one of the most common complaints in today’s fast-paced society. Relaxation massage can help calm your nerves. During a Swedish relaxation massage, emphasis is placed on calming the nervous system through light pressure and a slow pace. While stress causes tension throughout the body and lowers the body’s immune response, Swedish techniques promote a sense of well-being, stimulate the body’s lymphatic system, and promote a healthy immune system.  



Orthopedic massage focuses on treating conditions that affect the soft tissues of the body.  These types of conditions can be the result of injury or a chronic disorder such as nerve compression or postural distortion. The goal of each session is to return the affected tissue to its optimal state using various massage techniques. Specific work is performed with the intention of accelerating the body’s healing process. 


Examples of orthopedic massage include deep tissue, myofascial release, stretching muscles and tendons to increase flexibility and relieve pressure on nerves, and assisting in decompressing joints to maximize range of motion. At Imagine Wellness, your well-being comes first. 




Massage may increase flexibility, range of motion, and circulation as well as decrease muscle tension and muscle spasms. Sports massage may also decrease recovery time between workouts, decrease the chance of injury, and help maintain optimal functioning.
At Imagine Wellness, you will be given an individual evaluation that assesses your level of fitness, specific sport played, and your short and long term goals. Sessions are available for pre-event, post-event, maintenance, and injury rehabilitation massage.


Myofascial Cupping


Myofascial Cupping is a form of myofascial release and trigger point therapy. It targets soft tissues by applying cups to the skin and pulling superficial layers of tissue away from the deeper layers. The effects of Myofascial Cupping, in conjunction with hands-on massage, can range from increased range of motion and flexibility to general pain relief. 


Thai-Inspired for the Table


Thai massage is a modality that incorporates compression and stretching much like that of a yoga practice.  Some say it is much like "having yoga done to you". While true Thai massage is based in Thai medicine and practiced on the floor on a mat, the techniques that are incorporated into a session at Imagine Wellness are structured for use in a western table massage practice.  Hence, Thai-"inspired".  


If you think you would benefit from lengthening stretches and joint mobilization, this service may be just what you need. Sessions are done fully clothed, so make sure to wear comfortable, moveable clothes. 


Hot Stone


Hot Stone massage is a great way to allow for deeper work.  It is thought that by warming the tissues, muscles become more pliable and thus easier for the therapist to manipulate.  While many therapists use placement stones in their work, at Imagine Wellness, we use the hot stones as tools to engage different areas in a therapeutic manner.  Not only is this a therapeutic aid, it also feels great and is wonderfully relaxing!  And don't worry, in the summer, our studio is air conditioned.


Off-Site Massage (Chair/Table events)

Imagine Wellness provides on-site chair/table massage for an hourly rate right at your place of business.  You decide the length of each massage (usually 10-15 minutes per person). 

On-site massage is not just for companies. Are you hosting a girl’s night, book club, bridal shower, or theme party?  Chair massage can be set up just about anywhere, so let your creativity fly.

Woman receiving a relaxing massage
Woman receiving massage focused on her shoulder and scapula
Man running
Close up of cupping therapy
Massage therapist providing thai arm stretch to recipient
Hot Stone foot massage
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