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Self-Care Through Massage Therapy

This 90 minute class teaches you to care for yourself and your muscles in between your massage sessions.  You will be learning techniques to work with common problem areas and how to use everyday objects (such as tennis balls) to help relieve tension.


This class is designed to be interactive, so wear comfortable, loose or stretchy clothing.  Please bring a towel or yoga mat to class.

Infant Massage for New and Expecting Parents

Infants and children can benefit from loving touch in all the ways adults do, and more.  In this 45 minute class, you will learn the ways in which massage helps infants thrive and how you can implement a massage routine with your child in the comfort of your home.  This class is designed for new (or expecting) parents and their children (up to age 12 months). 


We recommend bringing your child to the class, but if you are unable to do so, an infant sized stuffed animal is acceptable.

We are a nursing friendly facility and we expect our participants to respect our nursing mothers.

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Private and Workplace Sessions are available any time upon request.

Self-Care Through Massage Therapy 

Infant Massage for New and Expecting Parents 

One Ticket - $30

Pair of Tickets - $55

Private or Duo Course - $120

Course taught at your workplace - $250

One parent - $30
Two parents - $55

Private Session - $100

Children (0-12m) - free

Call to purchase tickets directly, or click below to buy online (link will be visible when full courses are being offered).

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